Love like these.

Remix :D

Tempting …

I cant wait for I&E camp ! :D Yup this picture was taken last year , lol . This coming june 3-5th june is another upcoming camp where we will be doing the same thang again . But this year is gonna be different (: Anyways lets not talk about that shall we ? Hahaha i know i’ve been mia-ing for such a long time . Now im back to tumblr to share stories wyth yall . Just few weeks ago my dearly bestfriend were warded to the hospital due to dhe injuiries during soccer training . Yes it was pretty bad , i actually cried when i looked at him . LMAO im sensitive ok ? Hahaha but now his ok already yes very well stable liao lor . Tommorow im going out with Fatimah ! :D Scream horreyh ! And guess whut ? I Cant wait !(:

Webcam with bestfriend :D

Weeee , just now before going out . Went webcam with huns . HAHAHA she so adorable uyhs ? Anyways today went out to
Bly > Tampiness central > Kallang :D
Tired i swear , legs almost break into two . Hahaha anyways today someone randomly talk to me in msn , normally i dont talk to strangers . But i gave it a try today . I seriously have no idea wtf is he at first . Till he tell me to search him under my fb friends . So at first i thought is some stalker or whut but uh-hum his totally not . Text-ed him up till now . He seems to be a joker & he look like a malairen . Ohmyscary . At first , i dont really have the guts to text him but at last i do . No idea why -.- Ok thats all bout it . BUTBUT , movie was awesome & off the hook . I enjoyed it very the much . Hahahahaha but some part of it sensored you know . LOL . Preety much fun watching it . After done wyth movie , train-ed down to kallang & bus-sed to dhe stadium . Went to dhe bridge . Then home sweet home :D


Finally exams are over ! Tommorow , maybe watching movie at dhe cathay wyth bestfriend . Hahahaha im craving for popcorn !! I’mma serious you know . I’m so gonna watch the last song & back up plan hehehe :D Were on the phone just now with bestfriend and guess what she & me have dhe same mind set . We think that something is amiss somewhere out there . I hope you are reading this ok . We really dont know why you’ve been ignoring us . If there is a need to sort out verbally please do tell us . Cause the feeling suck down here . We dont wish anyone to be feeling miserable at all in terms of anything ! Hope things were’nt turn out to be like these ! D:

Meet my new bestfriend :D

Meet my new bestfriend , hahaha actually she’s my primary school friend but recently we just text each other . Chio hors ? (: HAHAHAHA ! Last nyth text message-ed her till very late . Siao Angela , hahaha so late le still outside wyth her ummm-ummm . Aiyo . Today i did nothing went to pei Shi hui to see dhe match & off to Kyannda’s house . Bought doughnuts ferh em see how sweet am i to em ? Hahaha . Ok larh , nothing much to say off for now . Toodles .